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Do you need to buy a backpack for back to school? Today we give you some tips so that buying a backpack is not an impossible mission!

School Backpacks: How to Choose the Best?

Choosing the best backpack for our son may seem simple but … it is not so! In the market there are a lot of different models: with wheels, with straps, square or oval, plastic or cloth … Let’s see together what you should pay attention to when buying the new school backpack.

1. The size and weight of the child backpack

Did you know that the backpack should be chosen according to the size of your child? Before buying check that the backpack does not exceed the waist of your little one. A backpack to be well placed should be placed at shoulder height and finish about 5 cm. Before the waist. If your backpack is over your waist, it’s too big for your little one!

Another thing to watch is the weight: it is important that the backpack is resistant, of course, but a heavy backpack will be difficult to carry for your child. Different studies argue that the weight of the loaded backpack should not exceed 10% of your child’s weight so choose a strong but light backpack!

2. Compartments for better weight distribution

In more compartments, the weight distribution will be more homogeneous. Therefore it is advisable to buy backpacks with two or more compartments. Remember that books should always be placed on the back of the backpack, against the back of the backpack, and on the front of the lighter objects.

3. Pads and padded back

If you plan to choose a backpack strap, note that these are broad and strong, cushioned and adjustable to allow the best fit to your child’s body. Some models even have front straps at the chest or waist height that allow even more weight distribution. Do not forget to check that the backrest is also padded.

In the case of the youngest of the family, it is not so important to verify this point since the parents usually carry the backpack and place it inside the classroom in the store.

4. Waterproof materials, good investment

The backpacks of cloth are usually cheaper but if it rains, cheap is expensive! Choose backpacks in waterproof materials without hesitation!

5. Backpacks with wheels if there are no stairs or long journeys

Wheeled backpacks are super-practical and may seem safer for small children’s backs but prolonged use could lead to wrist problems according to some medical studies. That is why we recommend that you choose this option only if your child should not climb stairs with her (since their weight is superior to a backpack of straps) and if you do not have to take it for long distances (walking from home to home for example).

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