The little ones will find in our Ale line many alternatives from which to choose their favourite design. Our designs are informal, fun and original. Fresh and coloured prints to make they stand out among their friends and break their day-to-day monotony.

Our satchels distinguish themselves by the incorporation of a colour key holder that has embedded the logo of our infantile line. A token that everyone would like to have.

All of that without never loosing sight of the quality of the products. They are ideal for boys and girls that always carry their satchels around, to school or to the weekend’s football game. Our satchels and backpacks are manufactured using the best products available, to guarantee their durability.


Our Alentino line for youngsters and adults has more discrete designs, but without breaking the fresh line that distinguishes us.

Designed for a public that lives in touch with the new technologies, it has the perfect storage capacity for carrying around all their gadgets organized at all times.

Practical, functional and of great quality, they are perfect for moving around the urban environment.


The satchel’s collections for kids and adults are complemented with a series of accessories. The production of umbrellas continues as the main emblem of our brand. Moreover, new products are being incorporated to our catalogue, such as wallets, sunglasses, caps, purses, suitcases, travel accessories… They will always be functional accessories that will sort out the problems of our costumers, helping them on their day-to-day. The design and sale of these new products will also help to enhance the value of our brand.